Ossia Announces New Cota Design

Originally posted in 425Business

Ossia — the Bellevue-based company behind Cota® Real Wireless Power™ — announced the newest addition to its family of wireless charging designs: Cota HOME. The small transmitter can power multiple devices at once, including those on the 5G network, and sets up easily like speakers, thermostats, and cameras that outfit many smart homes.

“Consumers drive technological revolutions, and Cota HOME can bring real wireless power to everyone, including people at home and in small business environments,” said Mario Obeidat, CEO at Ossia. “Just as Wi-Fi routers drove mass adoption of the internet, Cota HOME can free millions of homeowners from batteries, cables, charging pads, and wires, and allow them to leverage wireless charging at a distance instead.”

The announcement of this new form of Cota Wireless Power comes after more than a decade of development by Ossia, resulting in the patented smart antenna technology that is Cota.

“We predict Cota HOME will drive demand for more wireless-power-enabled devices, and manufacturers will have more incentive to create products that are environmentally safe (no batteries or chargers required), lighter, and 5G-ready,” Obeidat said. “Real wireless power represents a significant evolutionary leap that can inspire innovative new products while reducing the heavy environmental toll of batteries and wires.”

Cota technology is yet to be made available for purchase on the consumer market, but Ossia has been working closely with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to receive authorizations on its designs. Those interested in exploring licensing opportunities or learning more about its other designs can do so at ossia.com.