Digital Trends Roundup of Mobile World Congress Technologies

Originally posted by Andy Boxall on Digital Trends

The final day of Mobile World Congress 2018 is in the books. With all of the big smartphone unveilings behind us, the Digital Trends Mobile team took one last opportunity to explore the show floor at MWC 2018 and find the hidden gems for today’s DT Daily. Here’s a recap of what we say on Day 5 of MWC 2018.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo

At this time last year, Sony showed off a concept set of true wireless in-ear headphones that mixed ambient sound with music. For MWC 2018, Sony brought the Xperia Ear Duo. These earbuds do the opposite of noise canceling earbuds. Using a very clever design they let outside sound in and mix your music in a way that lets you catch conversations and know what’s going on around you. They also work with Google Assistant and Siri, have gesture controls, and provide smart location based information.

Ossia Wireless Charging

Ossia new wireless charging technology sends power to your devices from panels that can be embedded in a wall or ceiling. It pushes out about 10 watts of power and can cover distances that would make an entire room a charging station. The power delivered decreases with distance, and there is a safety feature that detects when a person or object blocks the beam and interrupts the charging.

Haier ASU

Haier introduced an unusual smartwatch at MWC 2018. It’s a blocky, chunky wearable called the ASU. It’s notable feature is a projector that displays notifications and other information on your hand or out in front of you, relieving the wearer of the burdensome task of having to lift their sleeve to see what the watch says. How convenient. The device is not the most elegant looking smartwatch, but that’s not the idea here. It also supports gesture control. The Haier ASU watch will be available in China later this summer.