CES 2020 | Ossia is ready to bring truly wireless power to the home with its latest Cota product

Ossia has brought its new Cota HOME device to CES this year. It is a residential-grade transmitter for its truly-wireless system in which energy is "beamed" to compatible devices in lieu of cables of any kind. The OEM is confident that this type of power is ready to take over, especially in view of the 5G revolution.

Originally posted by Deirdre O Donnell in NoteBookCheck

Ossia is the "real wireless power" company that seeks to free devices from their dependence on normal power cables. It has already secured FCC approval to sell hardware that deliver this potentially next-gen method of charging in commercial- and enterprise-grade environments. Its latest product, however, is intended for residential purposes.

This new Cota HOME is a transmitter with a footprint of 30x30 centimeters (cm). It is rated to beam power in the from of 5.8GHz radiofrequency energy, which is converted into battery power by devices with corresponding Cota receivers within its range. Smartphones are just 1 type of device that may be compatible with this technology at this point.

Therefore, Ossia asserts that its Cota system may be poised to be the natural successor to the conventional wire-dependent electrical grid. It also believes that this potentially convenient, always-on form of charging will become increasingly prevalent in the era of 5G and the power-hungry nature of the devices that typically use it.