Wireless Power Technology: Four Ways to Know You’ve Found the Perfect Match

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 Finding the perfect long-lasting strategic relationship is never easy. New or game-changing technology like wireless power, which is being introduced in many forms, is no exception.

How do you know you’ve found the right wireless power technology for your business needs? Here are four key questions to ask.

1. Longevity: How Long Has the Company Been Developing Wireless Power Solutions?

A company that has been developing wireless power technology for several years has had the opportunity to grow, test, and improve. Check for:

  • Years in business
  • Strategic partners
  • Public showcase of functioning prototypes
  • An evolution of technology development
  • Awards and recognition over time
  • Shared technology standards

Ossia was founded in 2008, and our flagship wireless power technology, Cota, was developed in stealth until 2013 when it was publicly demonstrated. We’ve partnered with many leaders in business over the years, have continued to focus on advancing the whole ecosystem and have empowered our partners through licensing to focus on manufacturing and execution.

In 2019, Ossia won Edison Gold, and we have been honored to receive the CES Innovation Award for Cota Real Wireless Power for four consecutive years.

2. Integration: Will the Wireless Power Technology Fit into Your Environment?

Not all wireless power technology systems are the same. Each one has unique parameters that they must work within to function effectively. Your business needs dictate which wireless power limitations are acceptable and which features you can’t do without. Check for:

  • Distance: How close does the device need to be to receive power over air?
  • Interruption: For safety reasons, will the technology have to stop sending power if the path to the device is interrupted by people or pets?
  • Interference: Does the technology interfere with other over-air technologies?
  • Isolation: Does the technology only work if people are not in the room or space?
  • Power: Does the technology send enough power to adequately charge multiple devices and sensors simultaneously?

A single transmitter for Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power can send power over air up to 30 feet in diameter, and doesn’t require line-of-sight. This means the transmitter can be around a corner or behind a chair and it will still work.

Cota is safe to use around people and pets, and power is delivered even if the device is in use and in motion. Cota works much like Wi-Fi, but does not interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other over-air technologies. Depending on how many devices and sensors you’re powering simultaneously, Cota transmitters can be linked to provide the power where and when you need it most.

3. Leadership and Adoption: Is the Technology Company a Thought Leader?


A company that is new or overly private about how its technology works has a long way to go to build the wireless power ecosystem and relationships it will need to succeed. Strong relationships lead to word of mouth and faster adoption. Check for:

  • Quotes in the Media: Is the wireless power leadership team frequently interviewed or quoted in the media?
  • A Global Standard: Has the company published a global standard for its technology, to help its customers more seamlessly work together?
  • Conferences: Does the company encourage other thought leaders in the space to come together to discuss wireless power opportunities, obstacles, and ideas?
  • Active Connections: Does the company continue to post announcements about certifications, awards, pilot programs, and partnerships?

As you may have already guessed, Ossia is a good example of a company that lives up to all of these. Ossia is frequently quoted in the news, has published a global standard for wireless power.  You can check out all of our activities to promote and advance wireless power across industries here, in our latest press releases.

4. Security and Management: Is the Wireless Power Technology Secure and Easy to Use?

You might remember that, when Wi-Fi was first introduced, security and ease of use was a big concern for many companies and individuals. We see the same concerns for wireless power. Wireless power, like Cota, can serve as a communication system that can help improve the way you use energy and deliver information. At the same time, it needs to be 100% secure. Check for: 

  • Management over the Cloud: Can you manage the wireless power system remotely? Can you add permissions and other security features to ensure the right people have access to the right features and functions at any given time?
  • Feedback: Does the system give you information that helps you improve the management of energy and customer or employee communication?
  • Easy Setup: Does the wireless power system have a ready form factor that fits your needs and resources?
  • Security: Can the system be secured so that only certain people have access to the system and can receive power?

Cota Cloud is software that helps your team easily manage all the connected devices on your wireless power network. This not only provides security options, but also gives you mobility, visibility, and flexibility when using Cota.

Finding Your Perfect Wireless Power Partner

 You likely have additional requirements and questions when it comes to beginning a relationship with a wireless power technology partner. Remember that when you connect with the right one, the benefits of their longevity, experience, technology improvements over time, and partnerships become benefits for your organization as well.

 Let’s start a conversation.