The Standard Battery Gets a Wireless Power Boost

Batteries Enabled the Wireless Data Revolution

Batteries, in some form or another, have been around for generations. In fact, the battery is the original form of electricity, dating back to the year 1800, prior to the invention of electric generators and electrical grids.

Alessandro Volta ImageAlessandro Volta is credited with inventing the electric battery known as Voltaic Pile in 1800. Image courtesy of TechStory.

A century later, standard-size batteries were developed, which proved to be crucial in delivering energy “on-the-move”. Just imagine the practical limitations of using a flashlight, transistor radio, or even a personal music player without batteries. Because small devices did not have to be tethered to the wall, inventors were free to create new portable electronic products and conveniences for people.

Of course, the mobility of devices was critical in the creation of the wireless data revolution. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops as we know them today simply wouldn’t exist without the invention of the battery.

Still, Progress Struggles with the Battery’s Main Limitation: Running Out of Power

Batteries may have enabled our current mobile lives, but inventors (and consumers) have consistently been frustrated by a major limitation: the battery’s limited capacity. Batteries only hold so much power while rechargeable batteries can only be discharged and recharged so many times before they die. Oftentimes, they die at the worst possible times.

Low Battery image


Battery size and density have also been limiting factors. To pack more energy for more power-hungry devices, for the most part you need a larger or denser battery. Larger batteries are cumbersome when it comes to mobility, and denser batteries are riskier and more expensive.

Imagine the new markets and possibilities that open up when battery life and size are no longer constraints.

Batteries Get a Boost from the Latest Wireless Power Technology

 How can we erase the limitation of battery life? By leveraging Real Wireless Power.

Cota Real Wireless Power is focused power safely delivered to a Cota-enabled device without wires, plugs, or charging pads. It’s wireless power that has all the benefits of the traditional battery without its limitations, in that the device can operate wherever it needs, without wires, even on the move, continuously.

How does wireless power augment battery-powered devices? Cota not only powers Cota-enabled devices or charges Cota-enabled batteries, it also enables a unique form of wirelessly powered device: The Cota Forever BatteryTM.

The Cota Forever Battery is a technology that manufacturers can adopt to fit into the standard battery compartment of any battery-powered device.

Forever Battery (1 Battery Image)

The Benefits of the Cota Forever Battery Go Beyond Power

Increased Reliability, Decreased Environmental Footprint

Cota Forever Batteries may look like a standard battery, with one important difference: they never die. The Cota transmitter provides power automatically and wirelessly whenever Cota Forever Batteries are in range and authenticated.

This increases safety and dependability of device usage, while significantly reducing the cost and environmental impact of battery disposal.

Converts “Dumb” Devices to “Smart” Connected Devices

Automatic, reliable, Earth-friendly power aren’t the only benefits. Cota Forever Batteries also convert regular devices into connected “smart” IoT ones. In other words, regular devices, like the battery-operated smoke detectors in your office, become “smart” devices with data connectivity. If smoke detectors are powered by a Cota Forever Battery, for example, the appropriate people can be notified, as you determine, when any alarm sounds in any of your buildings.

Imagine how every device in your home or business can leverage this connectivity. You could turn devices on and off from afar, check on device usage and location, or even get notified about temperature changes or warranty expirations, all remotely over the cloud. You don’t need to wait to upgrade your commonly used “dumb” devices to become smart. Cota Forever Batteries automatically makes them smart.

The Battery Brings Us a Wirelessly Powered Future

All types of batteries – including  smart batteries, connected batteries, forever batteries, rechargeable batteries, and standard low-cost batteries – contribute to the future of wireless power.

Hundreds of years ago, batteries were the stepping stone to traditional electrical power. Today, they are stepping us toward a world run on Real Wireless Power. I look forward to the day when simply using the right battery means the devices we depend on will always work when you need them the most.

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