The One Problem IoT Innovators Haven't Solved Yet

IoT_Wireless Power_Blog.pngAcross public and private sectors, there is a major surge in IoT innovation that is transforming the world as we know it. From tracking and controlling indoor temperatures to complex tools that monitor an individual’s health, the sky's the limit for IoT applications. This explosion comes with the need for a new approach to safely and sustainably deliver data and power to each device.

The IoT takeover is already moving full speed ahead with $6T that will be spent between 2015-2020. This exponential growth across sectors is bringing exciting new devices and systems into fruition and each will find its needs matched by the newest innovation in wireless power.

In-store and Event Solutions

Transmitters like the iBeacon are being used by retailers to track shoppers’ movements and offer them in-store deals to align to their home shopping histories. It is also being used at SXSW to connect attendees for networking and to send event notifications to make sure no one misses their favorite band.

In stores and at events, personal and industrial devices now need to be consistently powered wirelessly to keep pace.

IoT Power Problem

Until now, there has been no way to power these devices over distance, while in motion, and without  line of sight. Not to mention delivering power in a way that fits into tiny IoT spaces, even sensors.

Smart Homes

Household systems are key in the present boom in IoT devices. Nest and Honeywell connect to personal devices while collecting, interpreting, and programming indoor temperatures for homeowners. Amazon acquired the app-enabled doorbell manufacturer Ring to connect home security, doorbells, and cameras to the digital voice assistant, Alexa. Air conditioners and smart coffee makers are joining in for the IoT domestic takeover, too. As well as home audio systems for seamless WiFi streaming.  

Each device has its own special function, but requires the two same elements to fulfill its potential: power and connection in a way that is efficient and convenient

Simple Interruptions to Complex Systems

Everyday barriers like people, pets, furniture, and foliage used to interrupt the flow of power inside the home or office for wireless charging. With real wireless power technology, power and data are able to flow freely to give each device consistent access to power.


Data collection is for more than personal shopping or assessing music preferences. Hospitals and physicians are now a part of the IoT universe allowing patients and doctors to communicate with real time data outside the hospital. Doctors and clinicians are able to view and assess vital patient information over a mobile connection at the times of greatest need.

Device Downtime Can’t Have a Fatal Result

Safe, consistent, wireless power is imperative to the continuity of IoT inside the healthcare and medical fields. Until now there was no technology that can send uninterrupted power to provide hospitals with fewer cords and wires cluttering room, fail safes for batteries in need of consistent recharging, and a new sense of ease for professionals across the hospital.

IoT Connectivity FTW?

The future is here and it is IoT connectivity. Yet, IoT devices still have a major hurdle to overcome: each device, from the home audio system to the hospital’s connected data line, needs power that can be delivered over a distance, while in motion, out of the line of sight, and while being able to fit into the tiniest of sensors.

Cota Real Wireless Power developed by Ossia is here with the solution to support the newest IoT systems. It can keep multiple devices simultaneously charged from a distance without obstruction from walls and typical barriers. Not to mention how it will decrease maintenance needs while decreasing the shelf life of IoT products. With over a trillion devices (and counting!) there is no way run cords and batteries to unlock the full potential of IoT until now. Discover all of the IoT possibilities that can be unlocked by reading more about Cota Real Wireless Power here!