Ossia: Thinking Beyond the Realm of Possibility

“While imagination is limited, the possible is infinite”. Whenever we invoke the word “feasible” we really mean “imaginable”; while the two are slightly different, it is easy to see that nothing we think of as feasible before we can imagine it. However, we all know that we are limited by our imagination, not by what the universe provides from possibility.

At Ossia, we’re inspired to accomplish more than what’s imagined to be possible. We’re sitting on top of a massive opportunity to deliver intelligent wireless power to devices around the globe analogous to how WiFi works but for power instead of data. There will be over 30 billion connected devices by 2020. The number of smart phones, IoT devices and wearables designed, shipped and purchased grows exponentially with each year that passes. Our team’s vision is to give the end-user complete freedom of mobility and convenience.

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When you stop placing limits on the realm of possibilities, it changes the very core of your company. Our name is inspired by the Italian word Ossia, a musical term for an alternative passage which may be played instead of the original passage. There’s no better way to describe our mission, or our team, than with the world Ossia. What we do isn’t a continuation or advancement of previous work in the industry, it’s a brand new scientific approach to what already exists.

Imagine the world before the Internet was thought into existence. We’re developing technology that will someday have major implications on our daily lives. We believe that wireless power is the catalyst for future innovation. We want others to be inspired by our technology. What could you design if battery capacity wasn’t an overriding constraint for mobile and IoT devices? Faster processors, brighter screens and better connectivity are only the beginning.

 At Ossia, we encourage imagination, and wanted to develop a space to share our biggest thoughts and ideas with future partners, customers, end users and other innovators. We’re introducing this blog as a medium for big discussions about the future of wireless power and the implications of its development on design, device connectivity, manufacturing and our every day lives.

 We have big dreams to create an ecosystem where wireless power is easily accessible to developers and technology manufacturers. We’ll need key partners that not only buy in to our vision, but have the ability to think beyond the realm of possibility with us. We have dreamt of what our world will look like with wireless power running billions of devices—so follow along on our journey to create a new ecosystem.