Ossia Partners with Foxconn for Strategic Investment and Preferred Partnership

Hon Hai Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile (Foxconn International Holdings) has signed a partnership and investment today with Ossia, the makers of Cota® Real Wireless Power™ officially joining the Ossia ecosystem.

FIH joins the Ossia Preferred Partnership Program which includes access to the entire Ossia ecosystem of customers who are currently building and looking to deploy Cota-enabled products. Ranging from wirelessly powered IoT, sensors, asset tracking, inventory management, Smart Retail including electronic shelf labels (ESL’s), appliances, consumer electronics and many more, Ossia’s ecosystem is the fastest growing collection of partners in the wireless power space.

This partnership and investment solidify Foxconn’s “vote of confidence in Ossia being the leader in wireless power technology,” as quoted by Dr. KUO Wen-Yi, Executive Director, FIH.

Ossia is approached daily by companies who are looking to build wireless power into their products. Ossia, a licensing company, relies on the growing ecosystem for companies to purchase silicon chips, complete integration design and manufacture Cota-enabled products. FIH joins the Cota ecosystem to accelerate bringing Real Wireless Power products to market. You can read about licensing the Cota technology here.

Utilizing FIH’s extensive breadth of manufacturing and solutions, including electronic design, consumer electronic products, cloud and software infrastructure, FIH brings unique value to brands looking to integrate Cota. Foxconn’s major customers to date include Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Toshiba and more.

Foxconn is a $173B Taiwanese multinational that designs and develops applications (Saas), IoT Platforms (PaaS), and manufactures devices. Foxconn employs 1M employees with over 28,000 R&D engineers producing over 50 million units per month and is the #1 export company in China. FIH brings broad expertise in wireless product design and delivery at scale, including smartphones, wearables, IoT devices, access points, and cloud. FIH is a leading design, development and manufacturing services provider, offering a comprehensive array of services for leaders in the handset and wireless communications industries. From product design, development, integration/testing, to manufacturing and assembly, to after-sales services and repairs, its customer-focused, highly integrated approach ensures top quality execution and rapid delivery of everything.

The FIH partnership with Ossia includes a strategic investment in the company to bring Cota Real Wireless Power to market. Utilizing FIH’s extensive breadth of design, manufacturing and total solution capabilities, including hardware, software, mechanical, quality validation/testing, cloud and services, FIH will bring unique value to brands looking to integrate Cota.

You can read the press release about the new partnership here.