Ossia and Saint-Gobain Video: Innovation in a New Normal

The tumultuous time of COVID-19 has affected every person in the world. Each company has invested efforts to overcome the challenges faced by working from home, slowed supply chain, hardware development challenges etc. Ossia has been highlighting the momentum achieved over the past several months, despite these challenges, signing partnerships and investments with some of the largest companies in the world.

Saint-Gobain is the category leader in the building and infrastructure space. They are the largest company in this market according to revenue and have been an incredibly nimble and innovative company to work with.

Ossia and Saint-Gobain executives recently got together to film a video discussion titled, “Innovation in the New Normal.” This video covers how Ossia and Saint-Gobain have chosen to work together and forged a way forward during the times of COVID.

Represented from Saint-Gobain are:

  • Minas Apelian, Vice President Internal and External Venturing
  • Ben Price, Venture Manager, NOVA External Ventures
  • Carmen Ferrigano, Vice President Reputation Communications

Represented from Ossia:

  • Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer

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