Cota is the last piece of the puzzle for real wireless IoT!

The number of active IoT devices are expected to grow to 24.1 billion units in 2030, 72% of which will be connected by short range wireless communication technology.

What are the problems in realizing real wireless IoT endpoint devices connected by short range wireless communication technology?

What would be the solutions to that?  I will explain the true value of Cota Technology that we think.

According to the forecast from Transforma Insights'1 TAM Forecast Database, at the end of 2019 there were 7.6 billion active IoT devices, that will grow to 24.1 billion in 2030.

Short range technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee continue to dominate the technology space, accounting for 72% in 2030 (currently 74%).

Next, I'd like to summarize the functional requirements for IoT endpoint device (call just IoT device).

It consists of the following.

  1. IoT purpose: Input(Sensing), Output(Display)
  2. MCU
  3. Wireless/Wired Communication
  4. Power supply: Energy Storage device, Power Management


Consider IoT devices connected by short range technology.

It is expected to be a real wireless IoT device that is not limited by its installation location.

Here we face a big problem in realizing it. That is power supply.

The following solutions are currently available for sustainable innovation, but none of them is satisfactory.

  • Disposable/Rechargeable batteries
  • Energy Harvesting such as solar power
  • Contactless WPT such as (Resonant) Inductive/Capacitive coupling

Figure2We look forward to Cota technology, a disruptive innovation, as the best solution to this problem.

With Cota like Wi-Fi can be powered at a distance without you even noticing it.

  • No need to replace batteries.
  • Supplied stably.
  • Provide real wireless power transmission, not just contactless.

Cota is the last piece of the puzzle for a real wireless IoT device.

Figure3Furthermore, the Cota Power Receiver (PRx) Platform provides not only wireless power, but also low power wireless communication and MCU.

Therefore, IoT devices can be realized by adding IoT purpose to the Cota PRx Platform.

Cota is not only the last piece of the puzzle for a real wireless IoT, but it is the core piece.


The Co Cota PRx Platform delivers real value when integrated into your device.

Hiroshi Katsunaga
Engineering Expert
Marubun Corporation

Japanese version here.

1THE INTERNET OF ALL THINGS: Global IoT market will grow to 24.1 billion devices in 2030: Report