Cota HOME Wireless Power: Revealed!

Cota Home Transmitter Livingroom Scene

If you’ve been antsy to see wireless power systems designed specifically for a home, home office, or small business, you’re going to be thrilled by this news. 

Ossia is revealing a wireless power system at CES 2020 this month that was designed specifically for home and small office environments. Called Cota HOME, this system was created to:

  • Be effortless to install and manage
  • Stand up to the power needs of our next-gen devices that leverage the 5G network
  • Power all Cota-enabled devices that are within a 30 foot range (even if objects are in the way)
  • Integrate with existing smart home technologies, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home

 Like all Cota Real Wireless Power systems, Cota HOME is inherently safe to use while people and pets are in the vicinity, can power devices while in use and in motion, and does not require line of sight, charging pads, or charging cables. It also doesn’t interfere with other wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Everyone here at Ossia is thrilled to be planning ahead for not only overall consumer portable power needs at home, but also the 5G revolution. The 5G network promises faster and more immediate transmissions, but it will also be a huge power drain on the current rechargeable battery operated devices we use today.

A wirelessly powered home and small business infrastructure is better suited to support the potential of IoT and emerging 5G technologies, because it’s scalable, easy to install, and efficient.

Cota Home Transmitter Office Scene

Cota HOME: How It Works

  1. A small Cota transmitter, a compact design that fits within a home, home office, or small business environment, plugs into a conventional outlet in a room.
  2. All devices that are outfitted with a Cota receiver, such as smartphones, wireless keyboards and mice, smoke alarms, and more, can be securely connected to the Cota HOME network via the cloud or mobile app.
  3. When a device is turned on within range, it will send a beacon to the transmitter, which will automatically discover the device that needs power.
  4. All devices in the room will remain continuously charged, without any user intervention.

Cota HOME sets up similarly to other smart home systems, such as speakers, thermostats, and cameras.

 Ossia’s is committed to bring real wireless power to everyone, including people at home and in small business environments. Wireless power will free millions of homeowners from batteries, cables, charging pads, and wires, and allow them the freedom to use their devices without being tethered or worried about charge levels.

What’s more, we believe that Cota HOME will inspire innovative new consumer and small business products, while reducing the heavy environmental toll of batteries and wires. That’s something we all feel good about.

Available for license, Cota HOME technology will be part of Ossia’s 5.8GHz reference design in 2020.