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Long range wireless power delivered without cables, batteries, line-of-sight, or charging pads

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Cota is ready. License and incorporate Cota's technology into your mobile device, industrial and medical equipment, IoT, retail devices, batteries, automotive devices, wearables, and smartphones. Join us in changing the way the world consumes energy.

The Cota Receiver

A tiny, silicon chip built right into your product, the Cota receiver sends a beacon signal that uses walls and things, but not people or pets, to find a path to the transmitter.

The Cota Transmitter

The Cota transmitter, which can be any shape, receives the signal and sends power back through all of the same paths the receiver used. This multi-path functionality allows it to continuously and safely send power when needed.

Cota Cloud

Cota Cloud is cloud-based software that helps manage connected devices, which gives you total mobility, visibility, and flexibility when using the technology.

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