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Cota® Power Table

Cota® Power Table

The Cota® Power Table is the first-ever wirelessly-powered pad charger for all your small devices. The table receives power from a Cota® transmitter built into the ceiling or walls, eliminating the need for outlets or cords. Then, devices using the Qi inductive standard (almost all major manufacturers use the Qi standard) are powered when placed on the table!

The Cota® Power Table receives power via Ossia’s® 2.0 charging standard, on the 5.8GHz frequency. It caters to the needs of hospitality businesses, such as hotels, airports, quick-service restaurants, and coffee shops. But it also thrives in open-office layouts and conference rooms too. The Cota® Power Table is a flexible charging solution that eliminates competition for scarce outlets and provides a convenient and efficient charging experience for guests and employees.

These units are custom-built to your specification. Which means you can build this technology into just about any flat surface at your business.

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