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Next Generation Cota® 5.8GHz Developer Kit

Next Generation Cota® 5.8GHz Developer Kit

The Cota® Next Generation Developer Kit comes with all the necessary hardware to rapidly integrate wireless charging into your product line, in less than a day.

Using the Cota® 2.0 standard, the Developer Kit charges via a 5.8GHz frequency, for more power at a greater distance. It is designed for companies currently using LiPo batteries to power 3.7 or 5-volt devices. The kit includes all the receivers, antennas, power cables, and instructions to develop a working prototype – even with limited technical expertise.


  • (2) DRx (Development Receiver) supporting 3.7 and 5 Volts
  • (3) 5.8 GHz antennas: 2 directional, 1 omnidirectional 18, 8, 3.5 dBi.
  • (3) Pigtail power cables (JST and exposed leads) – providing connectivity to customer devices
  • 1-page Quick Start Guides
  • Online access to Evaluation Kit Setup and Test Guide materials
  • Performance test data
  • Wireless power delivery estimation tool

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