A White Paper Presented by Ossia

With the current rate of IoT growth and electronic device innovation, current power delivery methods are not only limiting to what is possible, they are simply not sustainable. Consider the two primary power sources that product developers are using today for electronic devices and IoT:

  • Batteries: have significant, negative environmental to produce. Creating a disposable battery takes thousands of times more energy than the battery actually produces. Batteries also have product constraints such as weight and size constricting, limited lifespan, labor intensive, an ongoing expense, environmentally taxing
  • Wires: are expensive to produce, install and modify. They rely on a rapidly declining resource in copper and they lead to safety issues

RF-based wireless power that is delivered over the air and at a distance, like Cota, was designed as a power replacement for the majority of IoT and electronic battery-operated devices. Because it is small, efficient, and sustainable, Cota enables a future of IoT that promises billions, even trillions, of sensors — many that are inaccessible to humans — that demand continuous, reliable power. Real Wireless Power will significantly lower labor costs, environmental impact, and ongoing safety issues, and enable an upward trajectory of substantial economic growth.

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