The New Trend in Product Innovation

What is possible when what has always been . . . is no longer? Telephones used to need RJ11 cords. Internet connectivity used to require ethernet cables. Charging electronic devices used to require power cables or charging pads.


The new trend in product innovation relies on real wireless power: no outlets, no cords, no charging pads. Industries from consumer electronics to medical devices and automobiles are poised to be reinvented.

Download this 7-page guide to learn:

  1. History of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
  2. Wireless Charging versus Wireless Power
  3. What makes Cota® lightyears ahead of the competition?
  4. What industries will benefit most from Cota wireless power technology?
  5. What is the roadmap?
  6. What does the future hold?

Be the first to understand this new trend and use it to gain a competitive advantage as you innovate products that are beyond the realm of what was previously possible.