FOR IoT Innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key driver of digital transformation, allowing businesses to reinvent products, services, and internal operations. Despite its practical and economic advantages, IoT innovation has long been hindered by security, battery life, and data usage.


Cota® technology fits into tiny IoT spaces, sends data securely over any distance, and keeps devices fully charged at all times—while they are in motion and outside the line of sight.

No cords, no charging pads, no data breaches. Download the 2-page PDF to learn how real wireless power will transform IoT frameworks and allow manufacturers to:

  • Design multiple IoT product features without concern for battery capacity
  • Automatically deliver dependable, continuous power to IoT devices
  • Gain data on product and feature usage, maintenance and repair needs
  • Receive data that improves future IoT designs and sales

Build smarter IoT networks with real wireless power!